Add a transaction.

To add transaction kindly follow the steps below:  

  • Click on the Settings bar from the homepage dashboard. 
  • Select Transactions in the settings side bar menu.

    transactions dashboard
  • You will then be navigated to Today’s transactions list. 
  • Click on the + Add Transaction button on the top right side
  • Select either Pay in or Pay out. (Pay in is where you added more cash into the drawer, whereas Pay out is where you took cash out of the drawer). 

    pay in
  • Add the amount involved with the transaction.  
  • You will then be asked to select the pre-populated reason. (Expenses, Income, Surplus, Safe drop, Other) 
  • Add a note if required. 
  • Click the Add button to complete the transaction. 
  • Enter your PIN code. 
  • The PIN code will then be successfully validated. 
  • The cash drawer will then be closed in.  
  • A new line of transactions will then be created on the list of transactions.  
  • You can then either retrieve or put in cash.  

You have successfully completed the Add transaction.  


Please Note 💡:  Add Transaction is not related to an order; it is a record of cash in/out for the exceptional cases to the specific cash drawer in your restaurant to allow you to ensure that there is no missing cash in the drawer or cases of theft.