Create a Modifier Group

Every Recipe (Menu Item) can be connected to one or more Modifier Groups, which can be created in Modifier Groups under the Menu section.

  • Click on the Menu tab on the left side bar and choose the subcategory 'Modifier Groups'.
  • Click on the + New Modifier Group button and start filling the required information.
  • Select the Brand that the Modifier Group needs to be connected to.
  • Fill the Group Name.
  • Type the Modifier’s Name.
  •  Click Add.
  • If you wish to connect a Modifier to an item from Inventory (ingredient or packaging), click on Connect to Item and search for the item you would like to connect.
  • Select the unit and quantity.
  • You can add as many modifiers as you like. Set the Max Limit for every Modifier and when you finish adding Modifiers, click Next.
  • Select the Type and Quantity of the modifier:
    • Mandatory: the customer will not be able to move place an order without choosing at least one modifier from the group. The limit can be minimum 1.
    • Optional: the customer can skip adding a modifier from the group. The limit starts from 0.
    • Custom: he customer’s choice is controlled by setting a Minimum and Maximum Limit to the chosen modifiers. 
    • Click on Next
  • In the last step, you have the option to Add Tags. You can either choose from the existing tags using the dropdown menu or simply type a new tag and add it.

    Please Note 💡: Tags can be created for easy reference, that helps with linking the right modifier to the recipe.

  • Click on Next and you have successfully created a new Modifier Group.
  • You can continue creating Modifier Groups or click Done to return to the main modifiers page.