Create a Menu Item.

To create a recipe please follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Menu tab on the left side bar and choose the subcategory
  • Select the Add Menu Item Button to create a new menu item. 
  • Select Create New from the drop-down menu. 
  • Fill the Menu Item Info.
    • Upload an Image. The recommended resolution is 800 x 800. This step is optional. 

      Please Note💡 :However, note that if you miss to upload an image your customers will not be able to see a menu item image on the food aggregators platforms.
    • Menu Item Name. 
    • Menu Item Description. This step is optional
    • If you would like to add an additional language, click on the Add +1 Language on the top right side and select the language of your preference. This step is optional
    • Add a Recipe Name and Description for the 2nd language of your choice.
    • Preparation Time.
    • Select a Brand to connect your recipe to a Brand by choosing an option from the dropdown menu.
  • Add Ingredients and Packaging. This step is optional.
  • Choose a Modifier Group from the dropdown menu or Create a New Modifier Group. This step is optional. See how to create a Modifier Group here.
    • To change the sequence of the Modifier Groups, simply move them up and down.
  • Choose Classifications.
    • Select between Veg and Non-Veg. This step is mandatory.
    • Choose additional Classifications from the dropdown menu. This step is optional.
    • Click on Next.
  • Choose Allergens from the dropdown menu. This step is optional.
  • Add a Routing Label. This is optional, please contact your dedicated Account Manager for further details on how to apply routings. Click on Next.
  • Add Tag(s) either by choosing from the existing ones or creating a new tag. This step is optional. Click on Next.
  • You have successfully created a Recipe.
    • If you would like to add more Menu Items, click on + Add New Recipe.
    • If you would like to go back to Recipes main page, click on Done.


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