Generate a report for a specific staff member(s)

To track the clock in/out logs for a specific staff and to generate a report, kindly follow the steps below: 

  • Log in to the POS by using your 4-digit pin. 
  • Click on Settings from the homepage dashboard. 
  • Select Shift management from the left side bar menu. 
  • Select the duration of the dates that you wish to view (Today, This week, This Month). 
  • Enter the required staff’s name with Initial A,B,C etc. 

    Shift management search for specific staff
  • Shift summary report of the selected staff will be generated based on the time that was selected.  
  • The Report will allow you to find the following information:  
  • Staff member Name. 
  • Clock In time. 
  • Clock out time. 
  • Duration. (Time between clock in and clock out)  
  • Orders. (Number of orders that were closed by the specific staff during the entire shift) 
  • Sales. (Sum of the total number of orders closed by the staff during the time of their shift) 
  • Tips. (Sum of total tips that were closed by the staff during their shift)  

Please Note 💡: Only users with permission will be able to view and access the shift management feature from the settings drop-down menu, so only users such as managers etc. Will be able to access this information and make any changes to it.