GrubPOS Home Page catalogue.

The GrubPOS interface consists of two bars at the top.  

First Top Bar (from left to right)  

  • Brands 
  • Open orders tab
  • History tab
  • User Icon
  • Notification Icon for online orders.
  • Settings button 

Second Top Bar (left to right) 

  • All orders 
  • Dine in  
  • Pick up  
  • Delivery 
  • + Create Order button to create orders (dine in, pick up, delivery) 

Please note 💡The Green ‘+ Create Order’ button on the right in the second top bar that allows you to create a specific order will always show the mode that was chosen the last for example, if you had created a dine in order previously that will be the mode that will reflect when you create a new order, so you need to remember to change the mode to your specific order.