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Add a new Brand

  • Go to the Settings tab and choose the subcategory 'Brands'

    select brands
  • Go to + New Brand button to start creating a brand.

    New brand buton-1
  • Fill in the Brand Info.
    • Upload brand logo image (800x800) and menu banner image (1200x789)
    • Brand Name.
    • Add a Description. This filed is optional.
    • Contact Name for this brand. This field is optional.
    • Contact Number for this brand.
    • Email Address.
    • Click on Next
  • Add Tag(s). This filed is optional.
    • You can either choose from the existing tags or create a new tag.
    • Click on Next
  • You have successfully created a new brand.
    • If you wish to add more brands, click on + Add New Brand button and repeat the same process until you finish creating brands.
    • If you have finished creating brands, click on Done to return to brands main page.