Edit a Modifier Group within a Recipe

  • Click on the Menu tab on the left side bar and choose the subcategory Menu Items.
  • Find the Recipe you would like to update either by using the Search box or the Filter
  • Click on the view icon to open the Recipe.
  • On the Modifier Groups Section, find the Modifier Group you would like to adjust and click on the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the Edit icon.

modifier in recipe edit button

  • You can make changes in the modifier type (Mandatory / Optional / Custom), limit of the total quantity of the group, modifier name, modifier max limit, add a new modifier and delete a modifier.
  • Once you complete the changes, click on the Save button within the modifier.

save button

  • Now click on the Save button on the bottom right side.

    You have successfully updated a modifier within a Recipe.

Please Note💡: By editing a modifier within a recipe you only update the modifier for this Recipe not for all the Recipes that are connected to the same modifier.