How to View order history

To view order history, click on the History option on the top bar to view the orders that have been placed in the past.

  • You can view your order history for closed orders by clicking on the History tab.

    Order history
  • You can also filter view order history for dine in, pick up, and delivery by choosing the specified option from the drop down menu on the far right of the screen

    order history drop down menu
  • You can search for a specific order based on the following information:  
    • Status 
    • Payment Method
    • Type of order (Dine in, pick-up, delivery) 
  • By clicking on a specific order, you will be able to see further details about the order on the left side of the screen including: 
    • The items that were ordered & the quantity
    • The receipt number
    • The date and time the order was opened and closed
    • Order type (Dine - in, pick up, delivery)
    • The total price 
    •  The order ID 
    • Customer information  
    • The channel the order was placed through 

      order details

  • You can also use the search box to search for a specific order.