Prepare a Pick-up order (Manually punch in an order)

To successfully punch in a pick-up order, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the ‘+ Create Order’ icon on the right on the home page and choose ‘Pick-up’ from the dropdown menu. 

    pick up option - edited

  • Select the Channel the order was placed on  
  • Click Create. 

    Choose option order was placed on
    Please note💡: You will only have to choose the channel and manually punch in the order for pick up if it is a phone order, a walk – in order, or from an aggregator that is not integrated with our software.

  • You will then be able to see the menu dashboard  

menu dashboard

  • Add the menu items that are placed for pick up from the menu categories  
  • Once you have added the menu items you will be able to view the basket with your items on the left. 
  • Click Checkout.
  • Once you click Checkout, you will be able to see the payment dashboard 

  • Choose the method of payment
    • Cash  
    • Card  
    • Online Payment 
    • Pre – paid  
  • Click Pay
  • Print Receipt

    You have successfully completed a pick up order