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Re-open a closed order.

If you wish to reopen a closed order to make any adjustments such as void/refund the closed order, kindly follow the steps below:  

  • From the POS homepage dashboard, click on History from the top bar to view closed order history.  
  • Find the closed order you wish to reopen.  
  • Click on the three dots next to the order on the far right.  
  • Click on the Reopen Order button. 

    void or reopen an order-1

  • You will then receive a confirmation message, Click confirm. 

    confirmation to reopen order-1

  • When the order has been reopened, the system will create a new order that is filled with the same order details and payment details with a ‘’reopened status’’. 

    reopened order
  • Your order will then be reopened, and you make the required adjustments. 

You have successfully reopened a closed order.