Pay later with a coupon.

Given the case that a customer wishes to use their coupon to cover part of their payment at the restaurant, kindly follow the steps below: 

  • When the Customer is ready to pay, click on Check out.  
  • You will then be directed to the payment dashboard.  
  • Click on Pay later from the payment methods on the right side of the dashboard to find available coupons. 
  • Select the coupon the customer wishes to use.  

    US 5.17 Coupon payments
  • Click Apply.  
  • Enter the PIN to get approval to use the coupon.  
  • The applicable amount will be automatically added to the pay later.  

US 5.17 Pay later applied

You have successfully added the coupon. 


Please note 💡: The amount that will be automatically added cannot be edited. This is a fixed option. Additionally, only users with permission will be able to view and access the pay later dashboard feature from the settings drop-down menu hence why the PIN is needed when the cashiers select the pay later option from the payment dashboard.