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How to create a Menu

The Menu tab on the left side bar allows you to view, create and edit Menus, Recipes and Modifier Groups. To successfully create and set up a menu you need to follow the following steps:


Step 1: Create the Modifier Groups and Modifiers (add-ons).

The first step to start creating your menu is to add all the modifier options (add-ons) under modifier groups. This helps with creating modifiers in advance for your menu construct. It is less time consuming when you prepare the recipe. 

Step 2: Create the Recipes.

The next step is to start creating your recipes. The modifiers you create in the previous step are now easily accessible. Pre-prepared modifiers can be linked to the recipe with just one click. You can still create a new modifier in case you missed creating it in the previous step.  

Step 3: Create the Menu.

The final step is to create a menu and bring together all components. Menu categories are created, and specific recipes can be linked to the category. Recipes will reflect the modifiers that are linked to them. Price edits for the recipe and modifiers can be made at this stage.