Create multiple Ratios between Purchase and Consumption Unit for an Item.

When you create a catalog item, you are given the option to create multiple ratios between purchase and consumption units of an item. Connecting various consumption units to different items allows you to use the same item for multiple consumption units such as tomatoes can have a consumption unit of slices and cubes. 

If you wish to create multiple ratios for a new Catalog Item, please follow the steps below:  

  • Under the inventory tab click on the subcategory Catalog.
  • Click on the +New Catalog Item button on the top right of the screen. 
  • Start filling in the item information. If you want to learn how to create a new catalog item, click here (insert link) 
  • Click Next. 
  • Select the Purchase Unit.  
  • Click on Add New Line. 
  • Add a ratio for the item.
  • Add in the first consumption unit. 

    Ratios option
  • You can repeat this process if you wish to keep adding more ratios for consumption unit. 

You have successfully added ratios for a new catalog item.  

Please Note💡: You can only change the consumption unit when making multiple ratios, you cannot change the purchase unit once chosen for that item. Furthermore, you cannot choose the same consumption unit as the previous consumption unit for that item either.