Create multiple ratios for an existing Catalog item.

  • Under the Inventory tab click on the subcategory Catalog.
  • Once you are on the Master Catalog dashboard, find the catalog item you wish to add multiple ratios for.  
  • Once you find the catalog item of choice, click on the View button on the far right of the item. 

    catalog dashboard
  • Scroll down till you see the Purchase unit section once you see the additional information of the item.
  • Click on the Add New Line button.  
  • Change the Ratio.

    ratio option
  • Change the consumption unit as you would like.
  • Click Save.  
  • You can keep adding multiple ratios for the consumption unit if you wish to add more. 

You have successfully created multiple ratios. 

Please Note💡: You can only change the consumption unit when making multiple ratios, you cannot change the purchase unit once chosen for that item. Furthermore, you cannot choose the same consumption unit for that item either.