Update Stock on Hand.

When you receive your stock from your supplier through GrubCENTER, you need to update the received items in the Receiving subcategory of Inventory.

However, if you purchase an item from outside of the system, you will have to update the stock you purchased manually for that specific item manually through the Stock on Hand category, you can also update whether you are returning the stock to supplier or doing a stock transfer. 

If you wish to do so, please follow the steps below: 

  • Under the Inventory tab, Click on the subcategory Stock on Hand.
  • Select the kitchen you wish to update the stock on hand for.  
  • Once you see the main dashboard, click on the Update Stock on Hand button on the top right corner. 

    Stock on hand dashboard
  • Find the Item(s) of choice by typing the Item Name/ SKU in the Search bar. 
  • Update the Current Quantity of the item(s). 
  • Select the reason whether it is a Return to supplier, Stock transfer or Other
  • Once you have updated the Current Quantity and selected the reason, Click Done. 

    stock on hand updated info

You have successfully updated the Stock on Hand.