How to set up your Inventory.

The Inventory tab on the left allows you to view, create and manage your inventory, send orders to your suppliers as well as managing your wastage and return.  

Please Note 💡: Inventory is a GrubTech module that needs to be installed. You can install the module by clicking on the Settings tab from the left side bar menu and then clicking on App store.  

To successfully set up your inventory please follow the steps mentioned below:  


Step 1: Log in to GrubCENTER by clicking here. 


Step 2: Select the Inventory Category from the left side bar menu. 


Step 3: Add your Suppliers  

The first step is to add all your suppliers you receive your stock in the kitchen for. It is important to add in your supplier's information so that you can directly place orders for your stock to your suppliers through GrubCENTER. This step is also important to do first because when you add in your items to inventory you can also link the supplier to the inventory item. To learn how to add suppliers click here.


Step 4: Create your Catalog Items.  

The next step is to add your items in the catalog section of Inventory, your items in this case will be referred to as ‘’Catalog’’. This step is important because this is where you add in all the stock that is available in your kitchen for you to track and monitor. You will also have to link your ingredients to your recipes in the ‘’Recipe’’ section in the Menu category so that the GrubCENTER system can deplete your items automatically once an order has been placed. Learn how to create a recipe here.  To learn how to create your catalog items click here.  


Step 5: Recipe Mapping  

The next step is to connect your catalog items to your recipes, this step is important so that the Inventory management system in GrubCENTER can deplete the items every time a menu item is sold. Recipe Mapping will consist of entering the Brand name, Item Name, Selecting Ingredient/Packaging option, Consumption Unit, and Quantity. 


Step 6: Create Purchase Orders. 

The last step is to start placing orders directly to your suppliers through the purchase order category under Inventory.  To learn how to create purchase orders click here


Step 7:  Receive Items.

Once you have received your purchased orders from your supplier, you need to registered the received  items under the receiving category in the Inventory module. It is important to do so, so that the module can update the items. To receive items click here.